Adding WOW factor!

UV 3D Screampark Mazes. Escape Room theming and special effects plus invisible ink revealer clues.


The perfect way to add something different, and add colour to your screampark.  UV or Ultra Violet, also often known as blacklight brings artwork and special effects to life in the dark and brings a whole new dynamic to your maze.  Mazes and special effects are painted with a specific type of paint that contains a UV reactive pigment which glows under the UV light.  Mazes can be painted as UV reactive or UV 3D with the use of 3D glasses. Whether you are looking for a full maze, part maze, special effect or even back drop panels, adult or child themed, there is something for everyone. UV Mazes The most popular style of UV screampark mazes is clowns.  The psychedelic colours lead themselves well into the circus theme however not all UV mazes are clown themed, as everything is designed to suit your needs and handpainted you really can have any style, theme, size or shape you would like! UV 3D Mazes Team UV paint with Chromadepth 3D Glasses and suddenly not only do you have a great UV reactive maze but artwork that jumps out at your visitors almost as much as your actors.  The special prism-like holographic film fitted into the glasses gives the user the illusion that some colours appear closer and some further away, therefore creating a disorienting effect and blowing your visitors away!


  • Onsite painting - direct to the maze plywood panel walls
  • Off-site painting - plywood panel walls, delivered
  • Off-site painting - roll up canvas panels, delivered
  • Full maze design and hand painted
  • Half Mazes
  • Small areas of UV special effects
  • Chromadepth glasses

Canvas panels and plywood panels painted off site are perfect if you have a strict time limit to put up your maze as they are painted in advance and shipped in ready to be put up.  Canvas panels are mounted onto wooden batons can be rolled after use for easy storage.


No matter if you are just starting out with Halloween, looking for a revamp or would just like to add something new, we can create spooky, fun and/or scary attractions, artwork and props.
  • Spooky hut/shack/house walk throughs and sets
  • Exterior/woodland theming, walk throughs and sets
  • Installation of atmospheric lighting and royalty free music and soundtracks
  • Actor led shows
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Actor costume
  • Props
  • Halloween themed Face in the hole boards
  • Pumpkin Carving stations
  • Spooky Tractor Rides/Hay Rides
  • Quizzes and Trails
  • Halloween Craft Stations
  • Face painters
  • Glitter Tattoo Artists
  • Cost effective temporary silhouette murals – instantly transforming fences/barn walls etc
  • Halloween Straw Bale Creation Photo Opportunities
  • Scarecrows
  • UV (Ultra Violet) painted areas lit with UV lighting
  • 3D walkthroughs – effective with 3D glasses
  • Painted Scare Mazes
  • Themed Scare Mazes


Pirates, Mobsters, Haunted Houses, Caves, Forgotten lands, Futuristic machines or Magic... every game takes you on a journey to discover the secrets that lie within, with the ultimate challenge... to escape! Take your guests on that journey and allow them to get swept up in problem solving, clues, hidden doors, secret rooms and top it off with amazing theming to fully immerse them in the game. No matter your theme we can bring it to life, but it doesn't stop there.  With UV and revealer special effects set to trigger and unveil previously invisible clues, your game players won't believe their eyes when they uncover secrets that were right under their noses all along. Is it worth adding the little extras?... I'll let those who have taken to trip advisor speak for themselves:  


Start as you mean to go on and work with the best of the best! Get in touch with the best team of creative thinkers, puzzle makers, carpenters, lighting designers, special effects, themer's and the most importantly the amazing guys who are the brains behind the technology... you won't regret it!