Artifex Designs was launched in 2017 following 20 years in the arts and attractions industry, combining all the knowledge, experience and skills you see here today, into one business. I am extreamely lucky to be one of those sickeningly annoying people who absolutely loves their work and lucky enough to be running such a creative and fun company.  Whilst studying art at university I joined the theatre and here my love for the arts grew into a new love for arts AND entertainments.  Following three years at the theatre I then spent four years at Merlin Entertainments at a couple of their amazing attractions, completed my certificate in attractions management and have since enjoyed working within various visitor attractions.  In 2012 I found myself as the Visitor Services Manager at a Farm Park.  Here my imagination was let loose on seasonal events and this is where I fell in love with Halloween and Christmas and the absolute joy of seeing children get excited and enjoy an experience that came out of my imagination. Artifex Designs takes me all over the country and on long drives I often listen to Christmas stories, as well as inspiring my work they also inspire my life.  In one of these books I heard Father Christmas say something that changed my whole outlook on life and how all of our projects are approached, ‘Nothing is impossible, you just haven’t worked out how to make it possible yet!’ So if you have an idea, I am sure we can make it happen! I am honoured to be working with so many fabulous businesses and more importantly, business owners who are as passionate about providing amazing days out, events and services as I am about providing them.  I pride myself in having an imagination only a web browser could understand, attention to detail, a drive to learn every day and am passionate about providing amazing immersive experiences so if you have had a niggley idea flitting around in your head I urge you to remind yourself, ‘Nothing is impossible, you just haven’t worked out how to make it possible yet’, pick up the phone and chat to me about it, i’d love to hear from you. Layona Dreams do come true if you have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney


As the business grows I am always on the look out for creative, passionate people to join the team: Creative Freelancers If the thought of getting stuck in creating themed events, using your imagination, having fun, getting dirty, covering everything in cobweb, fake blood, snow or glitter and at the end of the day standing back with a real sense of pride in what we achieved together as team, appeals to you, I would love to hear from you. Event theming work is on an as and when needed basis with the main event builds usually taking place between September and December.  Pay based on experience and hours. Father Christmas’s Do you have a good Ho Ho Ho?  I so, so, so, please get in touch.  With grottos popping up all over the country finding good, passionate, quality Father Christmas’s is one of the most important tasks of the year so please don’t wait for December to register your interest, get in touch now for a chat over a cuppa.  Experience preferred but not essential, full training, costumes and beards provided.  Pay based on experience, venue and hours. Head Elves Similar to finding Father Christmas’s, Head Elves are vital to the successful running of any grotto.  If you love Christmas, are overly enthusiastic, thrive on a busy but super festive and sparkly environment,  have experience supervising a team and can lead by example, I would love to hear from you.  Experience preferred but not essential, full training and costume provided.  Pay based on experience, venue and hours. Get in touch! Please phone me, Layona, on 075 4172 1422 or email your interest to


  075 4172 1422